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Our aim is to help people overcome physical difficulties. Instill hope and help realize the potential of a person and transform lives.

Aastha Foundation

To work towards holistic growth in education using behavioural science principles and processes.


Integrating slow learners to the mainstream, building confidence in them through innovative teaching techniques, reducing the burden of memorization.


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Abilities Resource Centre for Disabled persons

To provide support services to enable the disabled to be integrated into mainstream society.

Academy for Severe Handicaps and Austism

To provide comprehensive services for the growth and development of children with autism.

Accord Consultants (P) Ltd

To provide consultancy services in human resource development, particularly in training and development of individuals.

Action on Disability and Development, India

To provide comprehensive rehabilitation and support services to persons with disability, primarily in rural areas.

Action Service Hope for AIDS Foundation

To build awareness about HIV/AIDS and provide treatment and rehabilitation services for persons with HIV/AIDS.

Adarsh Rehabilitation Trust

To provide early identification and intervention facilities for hearing impaired children.