Alphabetical Listing - 'A'

Ashraya Children's Home

To keep children out of long term institutional care.

Ashraya Social Welfare & Rehabilitation Centre

The development of disabled and disadvantaged children.

Ashwini Charitable Trust

To encourage under-privileged children in Bangalore to complete their basic primary education and thereafter pursue professional or vocational training so as to make them self-sufficient adults

Association for Community Care, Education, and Social Services

To provide opportunities for the overall development of less privileged communities in the state.

Association for Promoting Social Action

To work with the community of the urban poor, working children and the government to establish appropriate social paradigms to prevent children from working; and to provide protection, nutrition, legal aid and sustainable alternatives to children already in exploitative situations.

Association for Social Health in India

To enable destitute women and children, and women in distress to become independent and contributing citizens.

Association for the Mentally Challenged

To provide rehabilitation services for the mentally handicapped.

Association for Voluntary Action and Services

To restore the dignity of slum dwellers and empower them to exercise their right to basic infrastructure facilities

Atma Darshan Yogashram


To work towards developing and supporting contemporary performance in India and broadening the scope of dance.