Alphabetical Listing - 'C'

Canara Bank Relief and Welfare Society

To help the sick, the aged and the disabled, and rehabilitation destitute children.

Catholic Health Association of India, Karnataka

To promote a holistic approach to health and healing, and to improve community health services.

CBR Network

To evolve an educational process that is relevant to local conditions and empower differently abled persons through community based rehabilitation leading to mainstream inclusion.

Centre for Autism

To create awareness about autism and ensure that children with autism have a better future.

Centre for Child and the Law, National Law School of India University

To commit to the cause of bringing justice to the child.

Centre for Environment Education

To improve public awareness and understanding of environmental issues

Centre for Learning

Centre for Research Education Service and Training

Chaitanya Yuvathira Sangha

To provide a forum for adolescent girls, especially from slum areas, to become assertive and self-confident, and voice their grievances.


To prevent girls becoming street children by providing comprehensive services for their empowerment, and intervening with their families.