Alphabetical Listing - 'A'

Arpana Special School

To provide mentally challenged children with an education that makes them self-sufficient, and helps integrate them within the mainstream of society.

Aruna Chetana

To enable children with disabilities to become independent.

Asaktha Poshaka Sabha

Asare Grameena Mahila Samasthe

Ascension Hope Foundation

To provide preventive, promotive and remedial conselling services to a wide range of persons and sectors.

Asha Deep

To provide an environment that fosters human and psychological growth and helps girl street children grow into being independent and responsible adults.

Asha Kiran

To foster the development of children with special needs.


To foster the development of persons with mental disability.

Ashankura, BEL Special School

To enable children with special needs to become independent.


To train children in self help skills and to finally integrate them by employing them